Girls bodysuit sewing pattern (PDF) 140-164 with instructions



Girls’ bodysuit sewing pattern (PDF) with instructions

Girls’ bodysuit sewing pattern includes all sizes from 140-164. The PDF pattern is in A4 format so you can print it at home. PDF-pattern includes different styles- thong, classic, and boxer. You can choose between a short or a long sleeve. This pattern is separated/layered by size so you can select which size you want to print or print all sizes together.

You will get:

  • A PDF file containing your pattern pieces (sizes 140-164)
  •  Instructions on printing and assembling your pattern.
  • A Youtube video tutorial is coming soon on our Youtube channel
  • Materials requirements.
  • Sizing charts and measurements.

Please note: Some PDF display programs, such as Apple’s Preview, do not allow the user to choose which layers in a multi-layered PDF to show. Please download Adobe Acrobat Reader to use layered patterns.

If you have any questions or are unclear on any instructions, you can contact us so we can help guide you in the right direction.

You do not have to add seam allowances as all the seam allowances are already included. You can find all the information in the instructions.

For sewing this Girls bodysuit sewing pattern (PDF)  We suggest using the following fabrics: stretch knit fabrics such as single jersey, interlock, rib knit, double knit/ French terry. Material: cotton, modal, bamboo, viscose (choose a fabric with elastane); merino wool interlock, cotton interlock. Sports lycra for activewear.
Choose a smaller size in case of using a very elastic fabric (i.e. Merino wool). You also need 6 snap fasteners and interfacing!

This is a digital PDF pattern, therefore you will not receive any physical product. As it is an immediate download product, we do not accept any returns, exchanges, or cancellations. Please contact us about any problems with your order.

When printing this pattern

You should set Your printer as follows (you will find the full description in the instructions file):

  • Orientation “Auto” (when your printer has this option)
  • Custom scale 100%
  • Paper quality A4

Attention! Some (older) printers may not correctly print out the pdf-sewing patterns. Before printing out the entire pattern, print out the first two pages to ensure the scale and fitment are correct (exactly as You see it on the screen). If the printed-out pages do not fit correctly, please find another printer or printing service to print out the PDF template.

You can buy also women’s bodysuit patterns/leotard patterns from our web shop!


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